The Interior Monologue of Gill the Goldfish picked up a gold remi award at WorldFest-Houston last week.  

Worlfest is one of the oldest and largest film & video competitions in the world, with more than 4,500 category entries received from 37 countries in 2007.  No awards are given in any category unless the scores from the juries are high enough to place for honors.

Among the remarkable number of WorldFest discoveries, we include just a few, listed in alphabetical order: John Alvidson, John Badham, Ralph Bakshi, Carroll Ballard, John Boorman, Marty Brest, Michael Cimino, The Coen Brothers, Bryan De Palma, Jonathan Demme, Michael Demme, Atom Egoyan, John Frankenheimer, Leslie Linka Glatter, Charles Guggenheim, John Lee Hancock, Hal Hartley, Randall Kleiser, Ang Lee, Spike Lee, George Lucas, David Lynch, Paul Mazursky, Steve Poster, Robert Rodriguez, John Sayles, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Robert Townsend, Will Vinton, Peter Weir, Hugh Wilson and hundreds more. The winners this year will be the Spielbergs of tomorrow and you can meet them before they are famous.


After its debut at the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, “The Interior Monologue of Gill The Goldfish” returns to sunny California once again for two screenings at the Newport Beach Film Festival.    Check it out if you can.

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